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Certified Teachers

While the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies has worked with thousands of students, Certified Teacher designation is awarded to students who have completed a rigorous Advanced Study curriculum.

All of the individuals listed below have successfully Linda Howe's Pathway Prayer Process Teacher Certification program.

For more information about Certified Teacher Training, please click here.

Kia Abilay New York and Hawaii
Marcy Badertscher Norristown, Pennsylvania
Maria K. Benning * Austin, Texas
Michael Burke Los Angeles, California
Lauria Burnett Aquinnah, Massachusetts
Ofelya Caberal Ankara, Turkey
Thomas Caberal Ankara, Turkey
Nancy Campoy Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Vivian Dahila Carlo Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Lori Chrepta Succasunna, New Jersey
Patty Collinsworth * Cambridge, Massachusetts
Michael Commet Chicago, Illinois
Mari Coniglione Pleasanton, California
Christina Cross Palos Park, Illinois
Gina Crystal Sacramento, California
Kathy Duncan Dean Waterbury Center, Vermont
Paul Fiszman   New York, New York
Stephanie Forcier Kansas City, MO/KS
Sanjay Gupta * Chicago, Illinois
Joan Kass Gouveria Marlborough, Massachusetts
Holly Hawkins * Escondido, California
Phyllis Janik * Hinsdale, Illinois
Christy Johnson * Williston, Vermont
Deborah Kjallbring Austin, Texas
Sonja Langley   Austin, Texas
Ruth Diab Lederer Lake Bluff, Illinois
Gretchen Grace Lindsay Kansas City, Missouri
Juliette Looye Downers Grove, Illinois
Karen Low * Waco, Texas
Debbie McBride Scituate, Massachusetts
Cindy O'Donnell New Orleans, Louisiana
Alessandra Pereira California and Brazil
Michelle A.M. Reimers Los Angeles, California
Debbie Ritter Sequim, Washington
Wendy Roob Arlington Heights, Illinois
Cynde Sawyer DeKalb, Illinois
ShaDonna Shaffer St. Louis, Missouri
Barbara Schiffman * Los Angeles, California
Laura Staisiunis Denver, Colorado
Ellie Stewart Chicago, Illinois
Wendy Stippich Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Judy Wadas Phoenix, Oregon
Cindy Waldon * Schaumburg, Illinois

* Advanced Certified Teachers

For information on classes taught by Advanced Certified Teachers,
please visit our Akashic Activities website.

Class Photo - Teacher Training Class of 2013


Testimonials: What Our Friends Are Saying....

"I would highly recommend Linda Howe's year-long Teacher Training Program to anyone committed to their own spiritual development. Even if you never teach a class about the Akashic Records, you will hone your skills in accessing the Records, and you will experience the healing energy of the Records mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Much like meditating in a group allows me to meditate more deeply, experiencing the energy of working in the Records with a group of like-minded spiritual seekers allowed me to delve more deeply into my own Records than I had ever been before. I was also inspired to learn of other methods for transmitting the Akashic energy besides the spoken and written word.

I have come to understand that my Akashic Records are an infinite spiritual resource through which I am empowered to know my own soul and its journey through time. As I discover my own Light, I can perceive the Divine in others. As my consciousness is raised, all of humanity comes closer to God."
- Karen Low, Waco, TX, member of Teacher Training class of 2010

"Linda Howe spoke to CHI-IONS, the Chicago Community Group of the Institute of Noetic Sciences www.noetic.org  The Institute of Noetic Sciences conducts and sponsors leading - edge research into the potentials and power of consciousness. With approximately 20,000 members this organization now has community groups throughout the world. 

Linda gave a fascinating presentation on October 18, 2009 based on her book, How to Read the Akashic Records.  With her years of experience and extensive research, Linda Howe gave both an in-depth and fresh approach to this ancient art of wisdom and healing."
- CHI-IONS, Chicago Community Group of the Institute of Noetic Sciences


"I have known Linda Howe for many years. During that time her spiritual journey has taken many forms, always with a drive to access the truth and make it available to others. Whether she is working with the earth energies as a shaman or accessing the Akashic realms, Linda consistently confronts core issues in a way that addresses the practicalities of daily life for her students. She does not shy away from unpleasant truths, but transforms them into allies that we can use to strengthen our positive impact on the earth. She transmutes old patterns into pure light without sacrificing the personal concern that comes from unconditional love."
- Robert Dubiel, President, Speakers Network, author Body Signals: Healing Through Physical Intuition and The Practical Shaman: Bonding with the Earth in the New Age, intuitive counselor, healer, Maui


"The year-long teacher training with Linda Howe is an opportunity to deeply explore the Akashic Records and learn from a real master of the work. Being assisted by your fellow classmates in the exploration enables you to go to levels that can't be matched. Each of the four times you get together, you'll be amazed by your own journey and how much you and your classmates have evolved. Not only will you learn a great deal about yourselves, you'll be slowly but surely prepared to get out there and teach the work, secure by the end of the year that you really are ready. It's wonderful to have the Pathway Prayer Process and to see how life-changing it can be for others. Guiding students to access the Records helps them become spiritually independent and healthily interdependent. I heartily recommend the teacher training."
- Maria Benning, Austin, TX (Class of 2010)

"I have worked with Linda Howe as my guide and advisor over the past 20 years. Linda has brought enlightenment and education to me in so many ways. I have experienced past life work, I have identified with my power animal. I consider Linda one of the strongest spiritual guides in my life. I have the power of the drum circle in my life thanks to my friend Linda. Readings of my Akashic Records and cards has been part our work together. Now that we live about 500 miles apart I know I will see Linda or hear her voice when I need it. Linda Howe is an extraordinary teacher and her teachings are alive and well in North Carolina. Many many thanks Linda. "
- Donna A. Lewis, Owner, Precision Health Associates L.L.C., High Point, NC; New York, NY; Cleveland, OH; Chatanooga, TN


"I have been a professional astrologer for over 30 years and have had considerable exposure to psychic readers of all sorts. None are better than Linda Howe. Her readings are soulful, insightful, and useful. She's the top of the line and I most wholeheartedly recommend her to my clients who are looking for psychic readings." 
- David Pond, astrologer, speaker, author of many books including, Astrology and Relationships, Chakras for Beginners, Western Seeker Eastern Paths, David Pond, Olympia, Washington

"The 2010 Akashic Records Teacher Training was invaluable for me.  The experiential structure of Linda's year-long program quickly and deeply expanded my connection with my own Records, which I now use for writing as well as personal evolution.  The group's experience was empowering and gave me Akashic friends all over the country.  Most importantly, Linda’s supportive mentorship prepared me well to begin teaching others to work with their Records at this pivotal time in our collective evolution.  I’m delighted to be part of her Akashic Teachers Team!"
– Barbara Schiffman, Los Angeles, CA (Class of 2010)


"With wisdom, integrity, and humor, Linda Howe invites her clients and students to experience the Akashic Records. Whether performing a private reading or teaching a class, her intention is always the same: to lovingly assist others in using the Light of the Records to live their lives to the fullest. Since taking the Beginning Akashic Class with Linda, I've been using the Records as the primary tool for doing all of my work—giving Akashic readings, performing feng shui analyses, writing a feng shui book and almost 50 children’s books, and designing feng shui jewelry and crystals. If you'd like to enhance your life through the Records, I highly recommend Linda Howe and the Center for Akashic Studies. The results described above ARE typical! The experience can change your life!"
- Juliette Looye, author of Feng Shui Essentials: A How-to Guide for Creating the Life You Desire, Chicago

"It is said that, 'each of us contains our ancestors and all the generations to come. When we free ourselves, we are freeing all of humanity.' This concept speaks deeply to me, which has been the primary appeal to working in the Akashic Records—to help reveal, heal and release karmic ancestral patterns.

I began working with Linda Howe and the Akashic Records in 1996 and incorporated the readings in my acupuncture practice. I am now deepening the work by doing the independent study program and WOW! I am being moved into the heights, depths and breadth of what it is to be a human being reconnecting with The Source. It has been a very educational, loving and often-intense exploration, especially recognizing and transforming old, distorted thought patterns. I am grateful to Linda and her keen guidance and insights. These studies offer a rare opportunity to realign one’s Heartmind with the essence of All that Is and radiate the Light that we are."
- Linda Joy Stone, MS, L.Ac., Tuscon, AZ

"My work in the Akashic Records has been nothing short of life changing. I've been taking Linda's classes for over ten years, and I never fail to be amazed by the inspiration and positive energy I find at the Center. The Akashic Records have become my source for professional and personal knowledge, as well as a deepened understanding of the Universe."
- Jean Lachowicz, President, Urbs In Horto Communications, Chicago

"Working in the Akashic Records is the only way I have ever found to receive profound, accurate, and complex information related to the deep truths of my clients. The information that is available through the Records is profound, specific to that person, and is unavailable to the client or other practitioners who are not working in the Records. Working in the Akashic Records enables a practitioner to work from a place of clear vision and neutrality.

Linda is a highly gifted teacher who models a degree of professionalism, integrity and insight that are unprecedented in my experience. Linda makes the Akashic Records available to her students, while inviting them to a superior level of authentic presence in their lives and work."
- Jessica Thayer, Spiritual Coach

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