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Upcoming Live Conference-Call Class:
Your Extra-Ordinary Life: Align with Your Soul, Live Your Destiny
with Linda Howe

January 11, 18, 25 and February 1, 8, 15, 2012 at 12 noon central time.

Enter the year 2012 with a heightened consciousness of your Extra-Ordinary Life! Live your soul's purposes, your heart's desires, and your mind's visions. This class, in six one-hour weekly sessions, is designed to facilitate your personal shift and catapult you into your magnificence!

For each session, Linda will present a guided meditation, a lesson, and spiritual exercises.

Each week will focus on an idea supporting you to be your best in life: Incarnation, Authority, Discipline, Responsibility, Commitment and Grace.

Prerequisite for this class is reasonable comfort level with the Pathway Prayer Process for Accessing the Heart of the Akashic Records, whether via an in-person or online class, or Linda's book or cd audio set "How to Read the Akashic Records" (Sounds True, 2009)

You may participate via telephone/computer/skype. Participants will receive an MP3 recording of each class session after the conclusion of that session.

Six one-hour sessions. Register now! Early registration before December 25 is $100 and registration after December 26 is $125.


SPECIAL DISCOUNT - Bundle of FOUR Popular Class Recordings

Linda Howe has chosen FOUR of her most popular recorded classes to offer as a special "bundle" for a specially discounted price. With this set, you will have a solid grounding of work in the Akashic Records for yourself and others.

The Beginning Class (6 hours of recorded class time)

The Foundation Classes (6 hours of recorded class time)

  • Energy Healing
  • Ancestral Clearing
  • Past Lives

The Ascension Matrix (4.5 hours of recorded class time)

  • Gratitude
  • Grace
  • Generosity

Living the Heart of Light (1 hour of recorded class time)

Purchased separately, this set would cost $125, but Linda is now offering it at the discount price of only $95.


Linda's Newest Work: Healing Through the Akashic Records

Personal Healing through the Akashic Records:  Using the Power of Your Sacred Wounds to Discover Your Soul’s Perfection

Based on the latest work by award winning author, Linda Howe

Purpose of the five-session series is to experience the practical transformational value of the Akashic Records for your personal healing and empowerment including both the inner and outer aspects of healing. 

Session 1: How to Read the Akashic Records for your personal healing. 
Distinguish between ordinary wounds and sacred wounds.  Shift your relationship with your ordinary human wounds into sacred opportunities.

Session 2: Your Sacred Wounds a point of power in your relationship with yourself.
Learn protocol for healing self-abandonment through Awareness, Acceptance and the spiritual practice of unconditional love.

Session 3: Appropriate Action, and Honoring Your Soul’s choice.
Learn process for taking action in the ordinary world as an expression of your Innermost Self.  Discover the truth that who you are in this life is your soul’s first choice.

Session 4: Your Sacred Wounds as Path of Peace in your relationship with others.
From resentment to forgiveness: the spiritual practice of benefit of the doubt.

Session 5: Freedom from limiting patterns.  From enslavement to empowerment.
Liberation from outdated structures and supports.

Price for five 90-minute sessions:
MP3 Downloads - $40

Guided Meditations by Linda Howe

Making Peace with Yourself: Past, Present, and Future
Three 20-minute Guided Meditations by Linda Howe

Within each of us is the presence of peace. It is a fundamental part of our being, always there, no matter what our circumstances or emotional states. We may forget that we have it, become distracted by life and loss of awareness of our connection with this power, but the presence of peace remains.

This meditation series is designed as a tool to support you in your quest to experience the peace that is within. Your use of this tool can assist you as you grow deeper into that experience and become an active agent for peace in your own life and the world.

Recorded LIVE in July 2011.
These meditations are for everyone--from beginners to experts. The meditations are not done in the Akashic Records.

Price for an introduction and three 20-minute guided meditations:
MP3 Downloads - $25

"God Classes" (these classes are not in the Akashic Records)
Find the God of Your Own Understanding

God, More God, and Even More God with Linda Howe
(This is the first class in the God series)

All of the God-ness that has ever been is always available.  You are entitled to a clear connection with the Source of All That Is. Join us for a series of 8 guided practices:

  1. Let go of old ideas blocking your access to the Infinite Power of Life
  2. Release inherited superstitions interfering with your own knowing of Truth
  3. Step into a more conscious connection with the Divine Reality
  4. Walk- Awake and Aware of the Essence of Life
  5. Align with the Ultimate Authority of All That Is
  6. Enjoy your natural intimacy with the Source
  7. Be Inspired.  Live Inspired.
  8. Your Awareness.   Your Life.

This is not an Akashic Records class.

In each of the sessions, Linda leads a guided practice designed to explore the specific topic of the day.  Linda's intention is to provide each participant an opportunity to do their own inner work within the loving, energetic support of the group.  The work will be vertical, not horizontal, and each participant will be engaged in their process as a vertical pillar of light. Together, we form a bundle of individual pillars to light the world.


Price for eight 30-minute meditation sessions:
MP3 Downloads - $35

You. Your Life. Your God. With Linda Howe

(This is the second class in the God series)

Three 60-minute sessions exploring the possibilities of a more conscious relationship with the God of your understanding.  Examine some traditional ideas about God from a safe, non-traditional perspective. 
  • Clear the connection between yourself and your Source.
  • From self-reliance to Divine Reliance
  • Special challenges – from faith in fear to faith in love

Faith. Hope. Charity. Deliberately enhance Divine qualities for upliftment, encouragement and inspiration. Discover the Divine Reality in your ordinary life. Live your life aware of your Oneness with the Divine.

This class is not an Akashic Records class. 

Price for three 60-minute downloads:
MP3 Downloads - $30

Multi-Session Akashic Records Class Recordings/Special Topics

Advanced Class with Linda Howe
Ascension Matrix: Gratitude, Generosity & Grace

Join us as we explore the Ascension Matrix: Gratitude, Generosity & Grace.  We will discover the possibilities for our own Ascension in this lifetime and learn to live our lives as Ascending beings.  Rise through the challenges of ordinary human life and enjoy the altitude of consciousness that is yours!

Class recorded LIVE in March 2011. Three 60-90 minute sessions.
Session #1 Gratitude
Session #2 Grace
Session #3 Generosity

Price for three 60-90 minute sessions:
MP3 Downloads - $30

Health, Wealth and Happiness with Linda Howe

Explore the Effective Power of the Akasha to support your transformation in your ordinary life! Examine your well being from the perspective of your soul for useful insight, applicable guidance and compassionate wisdom.

Classes recorded Live in June 2010. Three one-hour sessions.
Session #1 Health - Your physical self as vehicle for your soul.
Session #2 Wealth - Your resources as instruments for your soul's purposes.
Session #3 Happiness - You enjoying a more conscious relationship with your soul.

Prices for three 60-minute sessions:
MP3 Downloads - $25

Also available, "Health, Wealth, and Happiness from the Inside Out," a non-Akashic version of this material in the form of a one-hour recording session (program includes lessons and three guided meditation exercises).
MP3 Download - $15


Single-Session Akashic Records Spiritual Practice Recordings

Awake, Aware, Align...You, Your Soul, Your Life
with Linda Howe

One hour Guided Practice. Akashic Energy is primary substance.  Spring is the Ideal Season for you to anchor in the Light.  Take time for Conscious Planting...your hopes, your health, your happiness! Recorded April 2011.

Price for 1 hour of recorded class:
MP3 Downloads - $15

Living the Heart of Light with Linda Howe

Deep in the heart of all Lightworkers, of every variety, is a profound desire to live our lives from the point of Love -  to be unconditinally loving to ourselves and everyone we encounter. This is our opportunity! Recorded February 14, 2011.

Price for 1 hour of recorded class:
MP3 Downloads - $15

2011 Visionaries - ONWARD! with Linda Howe

Join in this meditation to connect with the 2011 vision of the Center for Akashic Studies...connecting in consciousness transcends time and space so here is an ideal to align with the vision, energy and possibilities for our group...and your personal potential is an integral part of our group.

Here is an amazing and affordable way to experience the power of the Akasha, within yourself and within the group.  Here is a way for you to know if this is a path of consciousness development that will serve you, enable you to live a life that expresses the truth of your Innermost Self.  Recorded as an international teleconference, January 7, 2011.

Price for 1 hour of recorded class:
MP3 Downloads - $15

Akashic Records Beginning Class and Foundation Class Recordings

RECORDING: On-Line Beginning Class
How to Read the Akashic Records with Linda Howe

In this three-session class, you will learn to access the Akashic Records for yourself and others through the Pathway Prayer Process© - a responsible, reliable method for working in this remarkable infinite spiritual resource. Experience the energy.  Gain wisdom and insight.  Be empowered in your life.  Have a more conscious relationship with your own soul.

Class recorded LIVE in September 2010. Three two-hour sessions.

Prices for 6 hours of recorded class:
MP3 Downloads - $40

RECORDING: On-Line Foundation Classes
with Linda Howe

Session #1 - Energy Healing
Session #2 - Ancestral Clearing
Session #3 - Past Lives

Energy Healing, Ancestral Clearing, Past Lives. These are the Foundation protocols for mining the Records and enjoying the benefits of this work. Experience the aliveness that can come through you as a result of your relationship with the Records. Open to all Pathway Prayer Process© students.

Class recorded LIVE in August 2010. Three two-hour sessions.

Prices for 6 hours of recorded class:
MP3 Downloads - $40

Please note:

While we obviously cannot monitor how many people are listening in to our online classes or mp3 replays at any one time, we do expect a high level of respect and honesty from all of our students. This amazing work deserves and demands nothing less. Additionally, to receive the greatest benefit from your work in the Records as well as essential support from our Center staff, you must officially register (and pay) for all courses. Thank you in advance for honoring this code of practice.

Please check back frequently, as we are continuously improving and building our library of recorded classes for your convenience and education.

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