What the Records Are and What the Records Are Not

The Records Are...

  • Available to all who seek them. Religious affiliation does not affect a person’s right to access the Record or to have their Records opened. 

  • From the “Akasha,” a Sanskrit word and meaning “primary substance” – that out of which all things are formed.  The Record is known in every spiritual tradition. For example, in the Judeo-Christian tradition as both “The Book of Life” and “The Book of God’s Remembrance.”

  • Filled with the wisdom and energetic input that can be inspirational and supportive to artists and entrepreneurs,  healers and scholars, and all adults of every vocation and avocation.

  • Supportive in making the fundamental shift from self-reliance to Divine reliance.

  • A blessing made available to us so that we can embrace our reality and enjoy the life we are living.

  • A soul level spiritual resource.  Everyone has a soul.  Everyone has the right to work in the Records.

  • A spiritual support enabling us to have a more conscious relationship with our own soul.

The Akashic Records Are Not…..

  • Trance channeling. A state of full consciousness is maintained at all times.

  • Religion, or favoring any particular religion.

  • Fortune telling, or for manipulation of people or events.

  • A fish pond of fascinating stories about past lives.

  • Phenomenal, sensational, or creative visualization.

  • A contest.  Everyone works at their own perfect pace.

  • A substitute for human relationships or community support.

  • An opportunity to escape ordinary life and the human experience.

10 Things to Know About the Akashic Records
(lecture in three parts)



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